Intellectual property Section: What is a domain name?

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Intellectual property Section: What is a domain name?

A domain name is the textual address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a particular website. Each site has a numerical IP address that distinguishes it from every other site in the web. However, this numerical locator may be difficult to remember (i.e. which is why a textual, easier-to-recall, name has been assigned to it ( Given the fact that domain names must be unique and correspond only to one specific IP address, a user needs to register his or her domain name with an approved registrar. Once this has been done, the user has exclusive rights to that particular name.
In the field of Domains, Azad & Partners provides a number of solutions namely:
Conducting searches
Securing registration of a domain name
Attending to recording of Assignment, Merger, Change of Name or Address
For registration of domain names

Only entities operating in Egypt can register their domain name in Egypt (existence in Egypt).
Registration of domain names in different sub-domain will be made according to the activity of the organization.
Applicant must be private Sector organization having an existence in Egypt.
Application form showing the following details:
Name of the applicant.
Address of the applicant.
Telephone and Fax number of the applicant.
Contact person.
Technical contact person.


The Copyright law in Egypt to cover explicitly the protection of computer programs, Literal Works & Artistic Work

Literal Works: 10 copies of the work.
Artistic Work: five copies of the recorded work.
Computer Software: Two copies of the Software.
Renewal & Maintenance

Renewal is mainly divided into two categories namely, renewal of Trademarks and annuities of Patents, both are dealt with through our computer system. In both cases, we are sending renewal reminders before the due date as a gratis service to remind our clients and associates of the important due dates.