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Resorting to courts is not our aim in every lawsuit. We first seek to control the dispute and resolve issues rapidly and through the most appropriate means.
However, when the matter requires resorting to litigation, we invoke our vast practical experience before courts of all instances, including the supreme Court.
Our litigation team of attorneys, counselors, and legal experts has successfully represented our corporate clients before Egyptian courts of law of all levels. Our team members work strenuously and meticulously to resolve our clients’ disputes timely. Our service in this field extends from counsels, legal advice, and representation before court, and management of clients’ official documents and paperwork at the different Egyptian government agencies.
Tax law is notoriously complex and is often shrouded in highly technical jargon, making it difficult to navigate and understand. If clients fail to observe the correct tax laws and regulations, they could face loss of export privilege and hefty fines. Having a good and trustworthy tax attorney from a business’s inception throughout its progression, is key to complying with the ever-changing international and national provisions, procedures and regulations.

We are able to assist our clients, both foreign and Egyptian national with the following:
• Accounting and Applicability of Tax Provisions: Aiding clients to comply with accounting practices and standards by helping clients to understand whether they are liable to tax regarding more unclear areas of the law.

• Compliance: Helps clients comply with the Egyptian tax regulations, by assisting in tax calculation, preparing statutory accounts and meeting compliance deadlines.

• International Trade Compliance: Offers legal advice regarding Egyptian tax and customs laws, and other import and export regulations. Additionally, we offer advice regarding VAT taxes, export clearance provisions and regulations as well as helping to manage supply chain risks and trade facilitation.

• Tax Disputes: Provide advice and representation regarding disputes with the Egyptian Tax Authority related to import and export tax-related issues, tax accounting, global trade, auditing and tax treatment of tangible and intangible goods and services.
Achieving success in business requires the correct alignment of many factors, ranging from capable leadership and skilled work forces to efficient operating processes, financial measures, and much more. Underlying all of the elements that figure into commercial operations are the contracts, leases, employment agreements and myriad of other legal documents and matters that make business relationships work and produce results possible.

Azad & Partners Law Firm know that even the best business interactions can crumble when not based on accurate understandings about the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. Our experienced business lawyers have a proven record of helping entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and other interested parties ensure that properly prepared contracts, licensing agreements, commercial leases, and other arrangements are in place and ready to support positive outcomes.

Azad & Partners Law Firm for years of exemplary service. We are proud of our reputation for providing our clients with sound business acumen, financial and tax know-how, and solid working relationships with governmental agencies and other organizations central to compliance issues. Because we understand the factors that figure into a company’s ability to function effectively and achieve sustained competitive advantage, our firm has been the choice of many successful commercial operations, nonprofit and charitable organizations, start-ups, franchises, and other business entities.

Azad & Partners Law Firm provides services to new and existing businesses by acting as a company formation/incorporation agent. Our law firm provides company formation services as part of the general services of assisting foreign individuals and other business entities to set up their legal presence. Our specialist knowledge and vast experience enable us to provide fast and efficient company formation services

A business can be organized in one of several ways, and the form its owners choose, will affect the company's and owners' legal liability and income tax treatment. Here are the most common options and their major defining characteristics.

Joint Stock Company

A business entity which is owned by shareholders. Each shareholder owns the portion of the company in proportion to his or her ownership of the company's shares (certificates of ownership). This allows for the unequal ownership of a business with some shareholder owning a larger proportion of a company than others. Shareholder are able to transfer their shares to others without any effects of the continued existence of the company.

Sole Proprietorship

The default option is to be a sole proprietor. With this option there are fewer forms to file them with other business organizations. The business is structured in such a manner that legal documents are not required to determine how profit-sharing from business operations will be allocated. This structure is acceptable if you are the business's sole owner and you do not need to distinguish the business for yourself. Being a sole proprietor does not preclude you from using a business name that is different from your own name. However, In a sole proprietorship all profits, losses, assets and liabilities are the direct and sole responsibility of the owner. Also, the sole proprietor will pay self-employment tax on his or her income. If the risks in your line of work are not very high, a good business insurance policy can provide protection and peace of mind while allowing you to remain a sole proprietor. One of the biggest advantages of a sole proprietorship is the ease with which business decisions can be made.

LLC - limited Liability Company

This business structure protects the owner's personal assets from financial liability and provides some protection against personal liability. There are situations where an LLC owner can still be held personally responsible, such as if he intentionally does something fraudulent, reckless or illegal, or if she fails to adequately separate the activities of the LLC from her personal affairs. According to the Egyptian law it does not allow banks, insurance companies or nonprofit organizations to be LLCs.

LLP - limited liabilities partnership

Is a partnership in which some or all partners have limited liabilities, a partnership is a structure appropriate to use if you are not going to be the sole owner of your new business. In a general partnership, all partners are personally liable for business debts, any partner can be held totally responsible for the business and any partner can make decisions that affect the whole business. In a limited partnership, one partner is responsible for decision-making and can be held personally liable for business debts. The other partner merely invests in the business. Although the general structure of limited partnerships can vary, each individual is liable only to the extent of their invested capital.
There are always some companies that do not follow the laws. When employees face unfair employment practices, our legal experts have the experience, ability and dedication to face even the biggest employers in court. We regularly provide consultation to both businesses and employees on dealing properly with their respective rights and duties under applicable state laws, including the interpretation and effect of employment agreements and employer manuals.

We provide a wide range of services including negotiating employment or severance agreements, drafting and interpreting employment manuals, handling individual and class action wage and hour claims, benefit claims, defending or prosecuting wrongful termination claims, and resolving any number of disputes that arise between employers and employees. In today’s complex economy, our experienced lawyers will help you in a professional and efficient manner. Our objective is to provide effective solutions, including exploring whether insurance coverage may exist to help resolve disputes with existing or former employees.
• Registering trademarks, patents, industrial designs, computer programs, domain names, copyrights, planet varieties.

• Handling the registration of trademarks outside Egypt.

• Filing grievances against the refusal decisions issued by the competent governmental authorities.

• Filing lawsuits against the refusal decision issued by the grievances committees.

• Handling trademark infringement cases.

• Drafting and reviewing trademarks, software license agreements.

• Drafting and reviewing transfer of technology agreements.
Media production industry

Services we offer to cinema production companies:

1) Setting up and establishing all kinds of cinema production companies.

2) Extracting membership of cinema industry chamber in less than a week.

3) Extracting or modifying cinema practice and art production license.

With regard to film production inside Arab Republic of Egypt:

1) Registering stories, scenario and dialogue related to art works in the general authority of art works censorship.

2) Drafting contracts of artists related to art and cinema works.

3) Drafting contracts of technicians related to art and cinema works.

4) Extracting all permits from Syndicate of cinematic works for commencement of cinematic works.

5) Extracting all permits from Syndicate of cinematic professions for commencement of cinematic works.

6) Extracting all permits from syndicate of musical professions for commencement of cinematic works.

7) Extracting all permits from ministry of interior related to art works photography all over Arab Republic of Egypt.

8) Assisting in notifying security directorates and police stations existing in the area of art works photography before work commencement.

9) Film registering in the Egyptian chamber of film industry.

10) Extracting all permits for cinema displaying.

11) Drafting contracts of internal and external distribution of cinematic works.

12) Contracts registering in the Egyptian chamber of cinema industry.

With regard to intellectual property and dealing with the general authority of artistic works censorship:

1) Registering stories, scenario and dialogue of artistic works.

2) Registering songs words and tunes.

3) Registering radio programs ideas.
A contract is an agreement between two or more parties to create obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law.

International contracts are an integral component of all business ventures. Whether you are a small, family-owned enterprise or a large-scale operation, the foundation of your organization rests upon its contracts. It is extremely important that you seek the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced contract attorney to help you with your business contract needs. A lawyer can assist you with all of your contract's needs here in Egypt, Cairo or internationally. When drafting contracts for a new or existing enterprise, it is necessary to predict future situations your business may encounter. Quality business contracts take into consideration a multitude of factors that may not be obvious to you as a business owner. Whether you are opening a sole proprietorship or entering into a partnership, or embarking on a new endeavor in the course of an established business, you should seek the advice of a trained contract attorney to help you protect your rights and your business.

Commercial Contracts

We provide commercial contract support for in-house legal teams and handle major projects and business-critical contracts for companies across sectors. The team has dedicated commercial lawyers who at any one time will be working on deals ranging from straightforward agreements to complex multi-party projects spanning multiple jurisdictions.

We work with clients to structure and document relationships with suppliers, customers or strategic partners including any concession, right or license won to exploit a market or material asset. We draft the range of documents necessary to create and preserve these relationships, protect our clients' rights and enhance the value of their businesses.

Our advice covers all kinds of commercial agreements including purchase and supply, partnering, agency and distribution, franchise, logistics and warehousing, facilities management, management arrangements, commercial outsourcing, joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances. We believe in the strategic alliance as a business medium, we understand its importance to our clients' businesses and have significant experience implementing strategic alliances by way of joint ventures.

Our contract attorneys’ work often varies. They can be engaged activities such as document review in response to a document subpoena or request for production of documents. In such projects, contract attorneys may review tens of thousands, if not millions, of pages of documents and mark them as responsive to a particular request, or protected as attorney work product or under the attorney–client privilege. Large firms have learned that contract attorneys can perform this work much more cost effectively than high-priced associates.
Issues that arrive regarding real estate and land management, often needs local resources and know-how. Azad & Partners Law Firm’s lawyers have specific previous experience in the field of real estate, the tourist industry and construction, and are fully capable of demonstrating valuable knowledge and advice to our clients. We serve clients in the commercial, residential and industrial fields in the areas of licensing businesses, real estate investment funds, land acquisition and development, financing and refinancing. From their inception, we can guide businesses through the developmental stages, construction and sales stages. Whether its acquisitions of real estate businesses, financing, joint ventures or land management, our attorneys can provide trustworthy legal advice to our clients.

As global market grows even larger, real estate transactions cross-oceans, countries, and are often complex, involving complex contracts and clauses. Our clients trust us to manage anything from intricate financial transactions, and disputes related to the real estate and property management field. By synthesizing real-world industry experience and legal experience, Azad & Partners Law Firm is uniquely positioned to help clients achieve success.

We support our clients through construction and real estate litigation as well. At times, issues or disagreements can arise between multiple parties, making it harder to see who is liable for the problem. Azad & Partners Law Firm is ready to help, create a targeted and cost-effective litigation strategy for our clients. Our goal is to always provide comprehensive and targeted advice. We represent both tenants and landlords in cases regarding breach of contract, negligence and any property management issues.
Today’s court system can be a labyrinth to the person who is simply trying to regain a sense of normalcy in life after a tragic accident or loss. With experience and an unquenchable desire to help people in distress , Family Azad & Partners Law Firm has a track record of successful litigation that will provide clients the peace of mind to move forward confidently into the legal system, We can help with issues concerning children, property and divorce.

Our attorneys always remember that family relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We fight to protect our clients and their families fiercely as would our own.

Our attorneys also recognize that divorce or child custody problems generate a great deal of stress and represent crucial turning points in our clients' lives. With that understanding in mind, we provide a comfortable office environment and take a hands-on, active approach to our client's problems. Our goal is to help you complete a smooth and effective transition to the next stage of your life.

Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, our lawyers provide highly effective client service to individuals and families in all Egypt. We can start protecting your rights and planning for your family's future from the moment you contact us.

Marriage for foreigners

Below you will find the required documents to get married in Egypt in the case where one of the couple is not Egyptian are:

The foreigner requirements 1. Certificate from your embassy to clarify your social condition and religion

2. Copy of your passport

3. 5 personal photos (4 cm×6 cm)

The Egyptian requirements:

1. Copy of your ID card

2. 5 personal photos (4 cm×6 cm)


Why would someone need alimony?

Alimony has many connotations, but the primary reason for someone to seek alimony after a divorce is that he/she cannot maintain his/her current life style without the financial assistance of the former spouse.

Whether you or your spouse stayed at home for the kids with no prospect of employment, or you both have been financially dependent on each other during the course of your marriage, alimony might be an option.

Can you ever stop paying alimony?

Unless another agreement is arranged, alimony will end after the maintained spouse remarries.

Child Custody

In an ideal world a child custody will be settled amicably by the parents, taking into consideration the parenting skills of each parent, and the best interest of the child.

Litigating a custody/visits case can be an expensive. However, these costs have to be weighed against the benefits that can be obtained. What is really expensive is when clients come to us after they tried to save money by using a less experienced attorney. Then we have to try to undo the damage, which is a difficult and costly endeavor.

If protecting your child(ren) is one of your main concern, you need an advocate who can turn the system to your advantage. You need a skilled litigator who can expose the falsehoods of the other party, and work with your witnesses and documentation to create a solid case for the truth.

Legally speaking, the mother is qualified for custody and if anyone has anything else to say will have to take legal action against her to prove it, and it is up to the judge to decide it.
We represent heirs – Muslims and Christians - who live abroad and have inherited ownership of real property in Egypt from their deceased relatives (father, grandfather). Ownership of real estate is transferred to heirs after the death of an owner and the issuance of an inheritance order from the competent court determining the heirs and their relevant ownership percentages.

Transferring the ownership of real property to another person by inheritance is also possible using a Will in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia, as long as the value of such property does not exceed one third of value of the total estate of the deceased.

Property can also be gifted using a gift agreement provided the customary regulations to execute transfers are complied with.

As the most common way to transfer ownership of property is by using a sale agreement, heirs encounter situations in which the purchase of property was not registered. The Civil Code governs and regulates the rights and obligations of both the seller and the buyer of a property.

Our lawyers advise and represent the foreign heirs to safeguard their inheritance rights and represent them vis-à-vis co-heirs.


Don't make the mistake of thinking that only the rich, elderly or those with children need a last will and testament! Every adult can benefit from an estate plan, including a last will and testament. Wills and probate attorneys can work with you to devise an estate plan that explains how your assets should be distributed after your death. Your lawyers can craft a strategy to reduce estate taxes and help ensure the financial security of your spouse and children. Wills and probate law firms can also guide estate executors through the probate process.

Here in Azad & Partners Law Firm we will help you to establish your will plan and to make sure that it will be enforced.
We represent both corporate and individual clients across Egypt and around the world. Our Immigration Attorneys have helped many immigrants to achieve their goals.

We have broad experience in extracting work permits.

We assisting in acquiring visas and legal advice to several states, like UK, USA, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, Greece, and every state in the world, as we have patners in more than 35 country around world.

We assisting in getting the citizenship of Saint Kitts & Nevis, Cyprus and Dominica.

Also assistting clients to get a golden visa in Portugal
Personal Injury Law deals directly the emotional, physical or mental damage caused by an event. If you are seeking to protect your legal rights after an accident, Our team can help answer your questions and will represent you through every stage of the case. An accident can happen in seconds with severe, long-term repercussions. Winning a personal injury case can be a long and difficult road, making it imperative that have expertise and knowledge on their side.

Our team can help clients with the following claims:

• Traffic accidents: Accidents related to road traffic incidents, do not solely pertain to that of car accidents. These claims can include motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, as well as accidents involving cyclists, pedestrians or public transportation riders as well. Many of these accidents are the fault of negligence, and could have sadly been avoided. Azad & Partners Law Firm are prepared to help victims and their families receive the monetary support they deserve.

• Work accidents: Employers have a duty to protect their employees from harm and injury, and if safety regulations or rules are not followed, the consequences can be dire. Whether it’s working with broken equipment, or falling from elevated places, Azad & Partners Law Firm are capable of representing your claim, so that you can get the settlement you deserve.

• Accidents abroad: Clients who have a family member, or have suffered themselves from an illness or injury abroad, can find a partner in Azad law firm. Representing claims and recovering compensation from abroad may seem like an arduous task, but our team is familiar with international and domestic personal injury cases, making it easier to navigate through the web of systems.

• Serious illnesses or injuries: Injuries related to the head spinal cord, amputation and blindness can often be debilitating, and thus must be handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Compensation can be used to pay for transportation, private healthcare, medical bills incurred over a period of time, and therapy or rehabilitation.
A law regulating how to punish anyone who violates the rule of law and to impose legal punishment upon identifying acts permissible and the forbidden and requires a penalty for each offense.

Criminal or penal law is the branch of law that are relevant to the crime. It can be defined as the laws laid down by the state about the group behavior is forbidden, so that threatens the security and safety of the public and interest and displays them at risk, and enact penalties for which the violators of these laws. The criminal law differs from civil law.

Methods of criminal law

Every crime is composed of criminal elements. The death penalty can be imposed in some jurisdictions for the most serious crimes. They can be physical or physical punishments such as flogging and beaten with sticks, although most of these forbidden sanctions practice in most countries of the world. While individuals can be thrown in prison, different cases, according to the practitioner judicial system in that State, and can be solitary confinement, and the term of imprisonment ranging from one day to life imprisonment.

There are several methods used globally in the implementation of sanctions criminal law, namely: retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation and compensation. The degree of each exercise, according to the judicial systems and the type of offense.

Retribution (Retribution) - requires criminals sense of suffering in a way, this was the goal behind the use of this method. It is the worst punishments meted out by criminals or cause serious harm to their interests, the criminal law will put criminals in an enviable position in order to "achieve retribution."

Deterrence (Deterrence) - This method is intended to deter a particular comet. They impose adequate punishment for the guilty and discourage intimidating from committing criminal conduct to the severity of the penalty resulting from done. The aim of general deterrence for the society as a whole.

(Incapacitation) - seeks to keep criminals from society and even the shortest safe from their evil. This is achieved today as well as the imposition of a prison sentence for life.

Rehabilitation - aims to transform the comet to an individual active in the community. His goal High avoid further committing crimes, so as to convince the extent of the comet is a serious mistake by the behavior of the exile community.

Compensation (Restitution) - is the theory of the sanctions regime depends on the compensation of victims.

Criminal prosecution and parties:

Criminal proceedings in the proceedings is fundamentally different from civil suits are no different. Both fair trial fair complete terms and conditions of Staff, Had the civil lawsuit shall be to eliminate through the newspaper suit containing the policies included in the pleadings system they contain liabilities, the rationale and the basis of requests that the case names also with regard to the newspaper case criminal, but the difference that may be essential is with regard to the newspaper case, in civil suits are always provided by the personal right to not contain a general right - we will look to in the definition assigned to him - the partial exception of some things, but in suits Criminal They always contain a general right of that asset to advance by the Prosecutor but there is an exception to respond to this origin gives to the owner of the private right filed by demanding public and private right together, but so that things are clear we have even more we must find out what the criminal case? Who are the parties.

Criminal proceedings: is the request of the rhythm of the death of a person who committed an act requires his sentence and move it out of the sleep state to the state of the movement until its expiry , how shall expire criminal proceedings. As for the competent authorities to move the criminal case are three bodies and people who are as follows:

1. Public Prosecution: because it is the body entrusted with the investigation of these crimes, as well as the public prosecution has jurisdiction right in criminal proceedings. The disposition of the minutes of heuristics and forwarded to the Attorney General is also a form of trigger.

2. The Court of Cassation or court.

3. The victim or the person harmed by this crime.

The parties to the criminal proceedings, they do not go out for a specific circle are:

1. Defendant: refers to the accused is a person charged against him was found guilty after, and at the trial stage is called the accused to the fact that the charge did not prove it until after the verdict, which in turn changes the nominee of the accused to convict.

2. The plaintiffs civil right: the owners of the personal right of ordinary people who are abused (victims) by the perpetrator.

3. Public Prosecution: a designee's authority to claim the right to the public on behalf of the community and the evidence to prove the charge to the accused for his conviction.
Azad & Partners Law Firm is admitted law firm and practicing lawyers, solicitors, and advocates in Cairo, but we are not registered as a notary public office.

Azad & Partners Law Firm offering notary services of legalization and attestation of Documents and Signature to persons and entities who find that our legalization of their documents and signatures is accepted in the jurisdictions of home land. Many states require the proper notarizations for documents and their translated copies.

Affidavits including but not limited to the following:

• Sworn affidavits

• Power of Attorney certificates, deeds and declarations

• Residency and unemployment declarations

• Commission or administer affirmations and oaths

• Marital Status Declaration

• Notarial death certificates and the preparation of wills

• Affidavits for original documents that have been lost

• Endorsement of “likeness” in photographs

• School/University diplomas and certificate attestations

• Property ownership attestations
Azad & Partners Law firm’s legal translation services cover the following:

• Articles of legislations, bylaws and regulations, etc;

• Power of Attorneys, proxies, licenses and authorizations;

• Litigation documents such as:

- Court rulings

- Injunctions and lawsuits

- Claims, counterclaims and legal briefs

- Objections, petitions and acknowledgments

- Disposals, challenging reports, allegation of forgery, appeals and reversal of judgment

• Arbitration documents such as:

- Claims or counterclaim statements

- Defense statements and reports of experts and consultants

- Arbitral awards and annulment statements

• Corporate documents such as:

- Contracts and/or agreements, reports, letters, e-mails and facsimiles

- Articles of incorporation, the company’s articles of association, meetings of the companies, boards of directors, tax return statements, auditing reports and tenders • Applications to foreign bodies and institutes;

• Rules of organizations, institutions, agencies, bodies and centers;

• Intellectual property works such as:

- Licenses, patents and trademarks

contracts and/or agreements of real estate such as:

- Buying and selling, leasing or renting transactions

- Installment sale
Azad & Partners Law Firm provides the service of legalizing documents. If you have a document that you wish to stamp from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or any Embassy existing in Egypt Call us now and we will finish the procedures for you.

Our steps for legalization the documents

1) You will send us the scanned copy from the documents which need to be legalized.

2) Checking whether the sent documents needs to be legalized by a power of attorney or not.

3) After checking the documents needed to be legalized, an original copy from the documents will be sent to start the legalization process. 4) After receiving the original copies, the legalization process starts.

5) We will send you the business days needed for completing the legalization process of the sent documents.

6) Finally, we will send you the documents after completion of the legalization process.
We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global aviation industry including the operational, regulatory, commercial and insurance sectors. We have many years of experience working closely with our clients – large and small – in their offices and at their airports and airfields, in their maintenance and engineering facilities and in their insurance claims and legal departments. Our knowledge is as much technical as it is operational and legal.

Through experience we understand the cultural aspects and nuances of international business. We are international lawyers qualified in various jurisdictions, routinely handling and managing transactional and commercial work, claims and litigation around the world on behalf of a multitude of clients – from individuals to the largest airlines. First and foremost, we are business people, adept at helping to strategies, find solutions for our clients and ensure that we and the law are a legal partner rather than a last resort. We often resolve our clients’ disputes privately through mediation and arbitration and provide counsel as a respected and trusted advisor, consistently delivering practical advice and adding real value.

Our practice is diverse and wide-ranging

1. Aircraft purchase contracts

2. Aircraft financing transactions

3. Syndicated loan agreements in relation to cross border aircraft financing and related security documentation

4. Fleet-wide maintenance contracts

5. Buyer furnished equipment (BFE) purchase contracts

6. Restructuring of airline companies

7. In the aviation area we handle consumer issues and complaints related to passenger air travel as well as cargo claims

Maritime Law

The firm’s admiralty and maritime practices are extensive. It handles cases involving collision, allusion, attachment and ships arrest; foreclosure, pollution, damage to pier, underwater cables, fish corals, seafarers claim for death, sickness, disability benefits; cargo claims, general average and registration of vessels before the Courts. Our practice is diverse and wide-ranging

1. The Arrest of Ships, Liens and Mortgage

2. Persons of the Ship

3. The Maritime Contingencies

4. Fleet-wide maintenance contracts

5. Buyer furnished equipment (BFE) purchase contracts

6. The Maritime Insurance

7. Development of the Ship

8. In the Maritime area, people are injured on cruise ships every day. A simple slip on a wet deck can leave you wrought with pain. Or perhaps a tender transporting you from your ship to a port of call has a collision or equipment malfunction.

9. We handle all manner of marine issues and events: ship collisions, property damage and personal injury claims arising from small vessel and personal operation and general average claims.

10. Multimodal transportation practices and laws especially UNCTAD/ICC Rules of 1992, FIATA Bill of Lading, BIMCO, etc.
Azad & Partners Law Firm has and continues to represent pharmaceutical companies. The firm's pharmaceutical-based legal services include employment litigation and counseling, commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation and general corporate advice.

Azad & Partners Law Firm's expansive relationships in the pharmaceutical industry has uniquely placed it in a position to understand and meet the needs of its pharmaceutical clients.

Our attorneys also assist the firm's pharmaceutical clients in the prosecution and defense of commercial disputes. These matters have included disputes with vendors, contractors, suppliers, joint venture partners and in connection with merger agreements. The firm has also assisted pharmaceutical companies with intellectual property disputes, including the resolution of license disputes

As any enterprise acts within a particular legal and political environment. It is crucial to harmonize

one's corporate strategy and policies with this surround. Based on our long-standing management

experience in various companies in the pharma and biotech industries, we have the necessary

practical know-how to assist your company in this area as well.

• We counsel on matters of the cooperation with physicians and medical networks.

• We represent your company in associations.

• We have excellent relations with the funding agencies
The Administrative laws & regulations in Egypt are complex, these laws and actions can be difficult for commercial and individual clients to understand and operate under. So we will do our best.

Through our past experience, we have expensive knowledge and expertise in the area of administrative law. We exploit this expertise to advise on issues regarding dispute resolution, interpretation of content, as well as the application of laws and regulations, as it applies to all our clients, regarding what sector they come from.
We provide legal advice on Egypt’s customs law, including customs classification, customs valuation, pre-shipment inspection, dispute on rules of origins, import and export licensing, customs tariffs, and trade in services.

Selected experience of our partners includes representing one of the multinational food processing companies on customs value rules throughout highly complex investigations by local authorities under the Agreement on Implementation of Article VII (Customs Valuation).